Increased Sample Size

We are constantly striving to get better.

At True Northwest, we routinely evaluate the proficiency of our methods, equipment, and technicians. This practice has enabled our lab to ensure that the service we provide is always at a high standard.

Starting May 7, 2018, we will begin utilizing a new method for microbiological screening, RapidChek. This technique will allow our lab to:

  • Provide accurate, actionable data, faster;
  • Eliminate false positives;
  • Increase efficiency and efficacy

What this means for you.

Previously, the required sample sizes were:

  • 4 grams for Flower products
  • 1-2 grams for extracts and concentrates.

We will be increasing the required sample size to support this new method. Additionally, this will ensure that all quality assurance tests are supplied with a sufficient amount of sample, eliminating the need to request additional material in the case of a secondary test.

NEW Sample Size:

  • Flower/Marijuana Mix: 5 grams
  • Food Grade Solvent: 3 grams**
  • Infused Butter or Fat: 3 grams**
  • Bubble Hash: 2 grams
  • Rosin: 2 grams
  • Hash/Kief: 2 grams

**Test only required if the flower/mix used to make product was not previously tested.

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