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The Corona Virus has not shut us down.

The State of Washington is an epicenter of covid-19 in the United States and is on a shelter in place type order from the governor himself. This order however, does not apply to businesses that are deemed essential. Ironically, (considering it’s quasi legal status) this includes cannabis businesses such as producers, processors, retailers, and labs.…

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Meet Marc

Marc is back at TNW, resuming his role as lab director. Marc graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Biochemistry and has his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oregon State University. With over 36 years of laboratory experience and extensive knowledge of the I-502 industry, Marc is incredibly adept at running the lab…

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Handling Botrytis (Grey Mold) in Cannabis

What is Botrytis? Also known as “Botrytis Blight” or “Grey Mold”, Botrytis is a fungal disease. This fungus forms a grayish powdery mold on a variety of organic matters and leads to the rapid and complete chlorosis or yellowing and then death of plant tissues. Like most molds, Botrytis is best controlled by preventative care…

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