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MJ Examiner Cannabis Testing: Potency Re-Test and Moisture

  Conditional potency re-tests have been approved following a review by the MJ Examiner. It was brought to the attention of the MJ Examiner that when quality assurance samples fail for moisture/water activity and are subsequently dried for the retest, potency is affected. Effective immediately, labs may also retest potency when retesting a sample that failed…

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Increased Sample Size

We are constantly striving to get better. At True Northwest, we routinely evaluate the proficiency of our methods, equipment, and technicians. This practice has enabled our lab to ensure that the service we provide is always at a high standard. Starting May 7, 2018, we will begin utilizing a new method for microbiological screening, RapidChek. This technique will…

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NEW Cannabis QA Testing Rules

WSR 17-12-032 Revision to WAC 314-55 On Thursday, August 31, 2017, new rules changes to cannabis QA Testing will take effect. Certain product types will now require additional QA Testing. The True Northwest labs have upgraded equipment to ensure that it is certified to meet all prerequisites for the upcoming testing changes. The details below…

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Why You Should Test Your Cannabis For Terpenes

Terpene profiles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers of recreational and medical marijuana. They offer unique attributes of aroma, taste, color, and bind and interact with THC and CBD in different ways, enhancing the experience. Over 100 types of Terpenes have been identified in cannabis through scientific analysis. Here are the 6 Most Common Terpenes…

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Washington State Marijuana Laws Changes

In May, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5131 after the bill’s passing in both the Senate and House on April 20. Polly Washburn of The Cannabist wraps up the major changes that could affect how Washingtonians and visitors experience legal weed. Click here to see what just changed in Washington state marijuana laws.

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Not For Kids Warning Label

This NEW labeling requirement will go into effect on February 17, 2017. Marijuana edible products must have the “Not for Kids” warning symbol placed on all packaging… More Info Here.    

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