The True Story of True Northwest

Once upon a time there was an environmental analytical chemistry laboratory called Libby Environmental, who wanted to grow and stretch and expand its list of analyses.

When Washington voters passed I-502, Libby Environmental decided that it was high time to join the Green Rush and provide the same caliber of service and data to producers and processors of medical and recreational marijuana.

Libby Environmental is accredited by the Washington Department of Ecology, and the new I-502 laboratories are accredited through the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Having one lab certified by two different departments could cause confusion so Libby Environmental gave birth to True Northwest, Inc.

True Northwest, Inc. is one of the first labs in the state to pass all the parameters for accreditation, and we’ve hit the ground running. Producers, processors, medical and recreational flowers and products are coming through our doors and receiving quality data packages and quick turn-around-time (TAT).

True Northwest, Inc. is all about good science. Our chemists have decades of experience doing analytical chemistry and are here to talk with you directly and answer your questions.

In addition to all the required I-502 analyses, True Northwest, Inc. also provides these unique services for recreational and medical marijuana producers.


4139 Libby Road Northeast
Olympia, Wa 98506

+1 360 352 8688